Signature Roast Duck

About the herb

The food made of herbs and ingredients is the combination of Chinese traditional medical knowledge and cooking experience. Originating from the culture of Chinese traditional diet and traditional Chinese medicine diet, under the guidance of the theories of Chinese medicine, culinary science and nutrition, they are strictly following the recipe of medicinal herbs. It “consists of medicine and food,” which is uses medicine as food and use food as medicine; given medicine efficacy to the food, as in return, the medicine will rely on the power of the food. These two complements each other not only has a high nutritional value, but also can prevent disease, improve health, and longevity.

About Angelica

Angelica is warm and sweet. It has the effect of improve blood circulation, relieving menstruation pain, laxative and more effect. It has the reputation of “most important ingredients,” “King of the TCM,” and “Saints of the TCM.” It has ability to prevent aging, cold hands and feet, protect liver function , regulate menstruation, nourish blood, and cultivate beauty.

Roast Duck with Angelica Herb

Pomegranate flower with birthday drinks, golden duck with the incense burner, a year older as start anew.
Use Taiwanese cherry duck, and unlike Hong Kong / Beijing roast duck, the meat is much sweeter. Stuffing with a variety of well-distributed Chinese herbal medicines in the duck, then place it into a pot and cook it for several hours. Slow roasting is done for one hour through a non-pervading grilling technique to make the meat tender and elastic. The whole process takes more than six hours so that it condenses the full essence and combines it with the unique aroma of medicinal herbs. The smell of herbs is dispersed from inside to outside. The whole duck is edible, and the rest of the soup is the perfect match for rice.