肉類 Meat

熱戀排骨/ Premium pork with D’Palace special black pepper sauce (Spicy) $420

鹹魚花腩煲 (現做須等20分鐘) / Claypot pork belly with salted fish (Mild spicy) (Waiting time up to 20 min) $420

初戀排骨 / Pork rib with D’ Palace home made sauce (Mildly sweet) $400

葉香霜降豬/ Fried pork with Thai spicy sauce (Mild spicy) $280

星馬正宗咕咾肉 / The original sweet and sour pork $280

蜜香嫩雞 / Fried chicken served with D’Palace Top Secret sauce (Mildly sweet and sour) $390

初戀雞翅 / Fried chicken with D’Palace home made sauce (Mildly sweet) $390

星馬正宗咖哩雞 / D’Palace curry chicken (Mild spicy) $350

新加坡蝦醬雞翅 / The Singaporean version of shrimp paste chicken $300

菜類 Vegetable

墨鬆芥蘭 / D’Palace kailan with pork floss $300

馬來風光 / Water spinach with D’Palace spicy sauce $280

參巴炒地瓜葉 / Sweet potato leaves with D’Palace spicy sauce $250

砂鍋茄子 (現做須等20分鐘) / Aunt Annie’s claypot eggplant (Waiting time up to 20 min) $380

XO醬四季豆 / String bean with XO sauce $250

鹹蛋南瓜蓮藕 / D’Glamorous lotus root with pumpkin in salted egg sauce $300

干貝上湯莧菜 / Poached spinach with dry scallop in superior stock $250

松蟹絲青花菜 / Broccoli with crab meat $220

煉香金茄 / Fried eggplant with condensed milk and pork floss $250

星馬麥片南瓜/ D’Glamorous cereal pumpkin $250

青檸炒高麗菜 / Stir-fried cabbage with lime sauce $220

清炒絲瓜 / Stir-fried loofah $220

清炒地瓜葉 / Stir-fried sweet potato leaves $220

湯 Soup

蟹肉魚鰾羹(需預訂)/ D’Premium fish maw soup (Reservation only) $300 (單人份)

花生蓮藕排骨湯 / Mum’s home made lotus root soup $120 (單人份)

清燉藥材鴨湯 (廚師推薦) / Herbal duck soup (Chef’s recommendation) (孕婦不建議食用) $100 (單人份)

飲品 Drinks

可口可樂 / Coca cola $65

無糖可樂 / Coca Cola Zero $65

雪碧 / Sprite $65

檸檬紅茶 / Lemon tea $55

柳橙汁 / Orange juice $75

日式綠茶 / Japanese green tea $100

高山烏龍茶 (每壺) / Formosa Oolong tea (Pot) $60


星馬麥片蝦 / D’Glamorous cereal prawn $480

星馬麥片軟殼蟹 / D’Glamorous cereal soft shell crab $560

咖哩辣炒海瓜子 / Ipoh chili clam (Mild spicy) $400

鴨皇閣特製辣椒蝦 (現做須等15分鐘) / D’Palace chili prawn (Spicy) (Waiting time up to 15 min) $480

金黃鹹蛋花枝 / Kuala Lumpur sweet and salted egg squid $480

當歸醉蝦煲 (現做須等20分鐘) / Claypot Drunken Prawn with angelica herb (Waiting time up to 20 min) (孕婦不建議食用) $550

鳳梨沙拉蝦球/ Prawn ball with D’Palace pineapple sauce $450

奶露金蒜蝦/ Garlic milk prawn $450

豆腐與蛋 Tofu & Egg

手工菜香豆腐/ D’Palace home made tofu $290

手工泰式豆腐/ D’Palace home made tofu served Thai style (Mild spicy) $290

手工鐵板豆腐/ D’Palace home made hotplate tofu $290

海鮮豆腐煲 (現做須等20分) / D’Palace home made claypot tofu with seafood (Waiting time up to 20 min) $350

軟嫩三色蒸蛋/ Steamed assorted eggs $250

飯與麵 Rice&Noodle

(午餐限定) (Only available during lunch)

星式鴨肉炒米粉/ Singapore style rice vermicelli with duck meat $275

鴨皇閣特製參巴海鮮炒飯 / Sambal seafood rice vermicelli (Mild Spicy) $275

素炒米粉/ Vegetarian rice vermicelli $220

鴨皇閣特製參巴海鮮炒飯 / Sambal fried rice with seafood (Mild spicy) $295

XO醬海鮮炒飯/ XO fried rice with seafood $295


特製白飯 (泰國米) / Thai steamed rice $30